The latest updates and releases from the Turbo team at Vercel.

Turborepo 1.10

Turborepo 1.10 introduces new features to improve your local development experience Read more →


Turborepo 1.9

Turborepo 1.9 focuses on improving observability for your task runs to better understand your caching behavior. Read more →


Turborepo 1.8

Turborepo 1.8 brings better flexibility and more control to your codebase by improving turbo's understanding of your workspaces. Read more →


Turborepo 1.7

Turborepo 1.7 focuses on improving developer experience by bringing more clarity to your tasks. Read more →


Turbopack Performance Benchmarks

Benchmarking Turbopack performance against Vite and webpack. Read more →


Turborepo 1.6

Turborepo 1.6 lets you use Turborepo in non-monorepos, prune for npm, and improves cache performance. Read more →


Turborepo 1.5

Turborepo 1.5 brings the Monorepo Handbook, drops the 'run' command, improves pruning, and much more! Read more →


Turborepo 1.4

Turborepo 1.4 has new examples, automatically includes environment variables, and more! Read more →


Turborepo 1.3

Turborepo 1.3 introduces restricted hash inputs, root script running and caching, new CI/CD Recipes, and more! Read more →


Turborepo 1.2

Turborepo 1.2 introduces improved task filtering, artifact signing and integrity, human-readable and JSON dry runs, and more! Read more →


Turborepo 1.1

Turborepo 1.1 introduces automatic migrations, turbo.json configuration, environment variable dependencies, partial Yarn v2 support, and more! Read more →


Joining Vercel

Turborepo is joining Vercel to make the web even faster. Read more →


SAML SSO now available

SAML Single Sign-on (SSO) is now available to Enterprise customers thanks to our friends over at WorkOS. Read more →


You might not need TypeScript project references

As it turns out, you might not even references or even an interim TypeScript build step with a pattern I am about to show you, which I dub "internal packages." Read more →


Turborepo 0.4.0

Turborepo 0.4.0 introduces 10x faster hashing, pruned workspaces with sparse installs, a new pipeline configuration API, and improved cache control. Read more →