Crafting your repository

Architecting a monorepo is a careful process. Through these guides, you'll learn how to design and build a monorepo that will make every team faster - no matter the size.

The guides in this section will take you through building a multi-package workspace, commonly referred to as a monorepo. They are meant to be read in order as they build on top of the knowledge from previous guides, but you can read them in any order or skip to the pages specific to your use case.

By the time you've read through all of this section, you should have a good understanding of how to design and build a monorepo with Turborepo.

Turborepo can also be used to speed up single-package workspaces. Visit the single-package workspace section for more information.

From zero to turbo

We also have more guides centered around specific tools, use cases, and other topics.


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