API Reference
System environment variables

System environment variables

By setting certain environment variables, you can change Turborepo's behavior. This can be useful for creating specific configurations for different environments and machines.

TURBO_APISet the base URL for Remote Cache.
TURBO_BINARY_PATHManually set the path to the turbo binary. By default, turbo will automatically discover the binary so you should only use this in extremely rare circumstances.
TURBO_CI_VENDOR_ENV_KEYSet a prefix for environment variables that you want excluded from Framework Inference.
TURBO_FORCEAlways force all tasks in your pipelines to run in full, opting out of all caching.
TURBO_LOG_ORDERSet the log order (opens in a new tab) for your pipeline's logs. Allowed values are grouped and default.
TURBO_LOGINSet the URL used to log in to Remote Cache.
TURBO_NO_UPDATE_NOTIFIERRemove the update notifier that appears when a new version of turbo is available. You can also use NO_UPDATE_NOTIFIER per ecosystem convention.
TURBO_PREFLIGHTEnables sending a preflight request before every cache artifact and analytics request. The follow-up upload and download will follow redirects. Only applicable when Remote Caching is configured.
TURBO_REMOTE_CACHE_READ_ONLYPrevent writing to the Remote Cache - but still allow reading.
TURBO_REMOTE_CACHE_TIMEOUTSet a timeout in seconds for turbo to get artifacts from Remote Cache.
TURBO_REMOTE_ONLYAlways ignore the local filesystem cache for all tasks.
TURBO_RUN_SUMMARYGenerate a Run Summary when you run a pipeline.
TURBO_TEAMThe account name associated with your repository. When using Vercel Remote Cache (opens in a new tab), this is your team's slug.
TURBO_TEAMIDThe account identifier associated with your repository. When using Vercel Remote Cache (opens in a new tab), this is your team's ID.
TURBO_TELEMETRY_MESSAGE_DISABLEDDisable the message notifying you that Telemetry is enabled.
TURBO_TOKENThe Bearer token for authentication to access Remote Cache.

Environment variables in tasks

Turborepo will make the following environment variables available within your tasks while they are executing:

TURBO_HASHThe hash of the currently running task.