Vercel Inc. (Vercel) may collect telemetry data about your use of Turborepo as explained below. Telemetry data allows us to monitor and improve Turborepo and the Vercel platform by collecting anonymous data about its usage and host information. The data may be used to broadly identify, troubleshoot, or respond to issues that impact users.

Collection of telemetry data is optional. If you do not want telemetry data collected, you may opt-out.


Telemetry allows us to accurately gauge Turborepo feature usage, pain points, and customization across all users. This data enables us to better tailor Turborepo to the masses, ensuring its continued growth, relevance, and best-in-class developer experience. Furthermore, this data allows us to verify if improvements are improving the baseline of all applications.

What is collected

We track general usage information, specifically, we track the following with anonymized telemetry data using random identifiers:

  • Command invoked (turbo run, turbo prune, turbo gen, etc.)
  • Version of turbo
  • General machine information (e.g. number of CPUs, macOS/Windows/Linux, whether or not the command was run within CI)
  • Size of application (total number of workspaces)
  • We DO NOT collect any metrics which may contain sensitive data. This includes, but is not limited to: task names, package names, sensitive argument or flag values, environment variables, file paths, or contents of files.

Note: This list is regularly audited to ensure its accuracy.

You can view exactly what is being collected by setting the following environment variable: TURBO_TELEMETRY_DEBUG=1.

Additionally, all possible events can be viewed by browsing the events file directly.

How do I opt out?


You may opt out-by running:

turbo telemetry disable

You can also opt out by setting any of the following environment variables:


You may check the status of telemetry collection at any time by running:

turbo telemetry status


You may re-enable telemetry if you'd like to re-join the program by running the following:

turbo telemetry enable


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