Turbopack supports CJS and ESM imports out of the box, and offers partial support for AMD.

Turbopack bundles your application, so imports won't be resolved to native browser ESM. You can learn why in our bundling vs Native ESM section.


Turbopack supports the require syntax out-of-the-box:

const { add } = require('./math');
add(1, 2);

We also support dynamic require() syntax, for if you want to import a dynamically named asset:

const imgName = getRandomImgName();
const img = require(`./images/${imgName}.png`);


Importing via the import syntax is also supported out-of-the-box. This includes static assets, and import type:

import img from './img.png';
import type { User } from '../server/types';
import { z } from 'zod';

Dynamic Imports

Turbopack supports dynamic imports via import():

const getFeatureFlags = () => {
  return import('/featureFlags').then(mod => {
    return mod.featureFlags;
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