Enable faster tooling for your Turborepo locally with one, interactive command.

You'll be taken through a short series of steps to enable the fastest settings for your Turborepo. These optimizations include:

  • Git FS Monitor: turbo leans on Git to do file change discovery. Since we have to wait for git to tell us about changes, we can use Git's built-in filesystem monitor to get those notifications sooner.
  • Turbo Daemon: Turborepo's daemon optimistically understands your repository in the background. By doing shared, common work that turbo will need to do when running tasks beforehand, turbo will run your tasks faster.
  • Remote Caching: While Turborepo can cache your work locally, it can also share a cache across all of your machines. Enabling Remote Caching makes your caching multiplayer, ensuring that you, your teammates, and your CI machines, never do the same work twice.
  • Check turbo version: We're always working towards making turbo better. To ensure you are using the latest version of Turborepo, we'll check your version and remind you to install latest if you aren't using it yet.
  • Check for Turborepo LSP: Visit the VSCode Extension Marketplace and install the Turborepo LSP extension for your IDE.


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