Turborepo was originally created by Jared Palmer (opens in a new tab) as a closed-source enterprise software offering. In late 2021, Vercel acquired Turborepo (opens in a new tab) and open sourced the codebase.

Today, Turborepo has dedicated full-time team working on it as well as a growing list of open source contributors (opens in a new tab).

Inspiration / Prior Art

At Vercel (opens in a new tab), we believe deeply in the open source movement and in the power of open collaboration. To that end, it's important to provide meaningful attribution to the projects and people that inspire(d) us and our work.

We'd like to make a special shoutout to other build systems, monorepo tools, and prior art:

Throughout the documentation, wherever applicable, we also provide inline callouts and links to the projects and people that have inspired us.

Additional Thanks

Additionally, we're grateful to: