Upgrading to v1

Upgrading to Turborepo v1.x

Turborepo has been acquired by Vercel! With this announcement, Vercel is open sourcing the turbo CLI and offering Remote Caching for free on all accounts during the transition period.

Existing Turborepo customers should upgrade their turbo CLI to v1.x as soon as possible and migrate to Vercel (instructions below). Earlier versions of turbo CLI prior to 1.x will no longer be maintained going forward. New account creation on has been disabled. The dashboard and remote caching service will be shutdown on January 15th, 2022 and older versions will not be installable.

All existing Remote Cache artifacts will also be deleted at this time.

Below is a step-by-step migration guide for existing Turborepo users. If you get stuck, please reach out in the community Discord (opens in a new tab) or file an issue on GitHub (opens in a new tab). Thank you again for your continued support as we begin this awesome new chapter of Turborepo together.

1. Cleaning up

For good hygiene, ensure you logout of turbo to remove old credentials:

yarn turbo logout

If it exists, also delete the .turbo directory from the root of your monorepo:

rm -rf .turbo

2. Install the latest release of turbo

Install the latest version version of turbo:

yarn add turbo --save-dev --ignore-workspace-root-check

3. Setup Remote Caching

As mentioned, Turborepo now provides zero-config Remote Caching through Vercel (opens in a new tab). Remote Caching is free for all Vercel plans during this transition period. Each Vercel account has a shared Remote Cache. This cache is shared across all environments (Development, Preview, and Production).

Important: allowed multiple caches (i.e. projects) per team (denoted through --project flag). With v1.x caching on Vercel, each Vercel account (user or team) has a single shared Remote Cache. If you were actively using multiple projects for your team, please let us know in Discord (opens in a new tab).

Please note that we are not migrating cache artifacts to Vercel. We apologize for the slower builds during your migration as you rehydrate your remote cache on Vercel or custom cache infra.

4. Local Development

If you were using Remote Caching for local development, upgrading will take a minute or two. To get started, login to the Vercel CLI:

npx turbo login

Now we can set up Remote Caching through Vercel by running:

npx turbo link

Follow the prompts and select the Vercel account (user or team) to wish to connect to.

On Vercel

  • If you already used Turborepo and Vercel together, remove TURBO_TOKEN, TURBO_TEAM, and TURBO_PROJECT environment variables from all projects. These are now automatically set on your behalf by Vercel.

  • Remove the usage of --team, --token, and --project CLI flags in your Vercel project settings and/or package.json scripts.

On other CI/CD

  • Replace your personal access token with a new Vercel personal access token (opens in a new tab) and update TURBO_TOKEN environment variable or equivalent usage of the --token CLI flag.
  • Remove the TURBO_PROJECT environment variable and remove all usage of the --project CLI flag. This has been deprecated.
  • Update the value of the TURBO_TEAM environment variable and --team CLI flag to be your Vercel account slug (i.e.<slug>).

Getting Help

If you are having difficulty upgrading please file an issue on GitHub (opens in a new tab). If you are having difficulty with your remote caching on Vercel, please reach out in Discord (opens in a new tab).