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Turborepo is a high-performance build system for JavaScript and TypeScript codebases.

Why Turborepo?

Turborepo reimagines build system techniques used by Facebook and Google to remove maintenance burden and overhead.

Incremental builds

Building once is painful enough. Turborepo will remember what you've built and skip the stuff that's already been computed.

Content-aware hashing

Turborepo looks at the contents of your files, not timestamps to figure out what needs to be built.

Parallel execution

Execute builds using every core at maximum parallelism without wasting idle CPUs.

Remote Caching

Share a remote build cache with your teammates and CI/CD for even faster builds.

Zero runtime overhead

Turborepo won’t interfere with your runtime code or touch your sourcemaps.

Pruned subsets

Speed up PaaS deploys by generating a subset of your monorepo with only what's needed to build a specific target.

Task pipelines

Define the relationships between your tasks and then let Turborepo optimize what to build and when.

Meets you where you’re at

Using Lerna? Keep your package publishing workflow and use Turborepo to turbocharge task running.

Profile in your browser

Generate build profiles and import them in Chrome or Edge to understand which tasks are taking the longest.

Scaling your Codebase
shouldn't be so difficult

The bigger your project grows, the slower it gets. Tasks like linting, testing, and building begin to take enormous amounts of time.

If you're serving multiple applications, you might reach for a monorepo. They're incredible for productivity, especially on the frontend, but the tooling can be a nightmare. There's a lot of stuff to do (and things to mess up). Nothing “just works.” It's become completely normal to waste entire days or weeks on plumbing—tweaking configs, writing one-off scripts, and stitching stuff together.

We need something else.

A fresh take on the whole setup. Designed to glue everything together. A toolchain that works for you and not against you. With sensible defaults, but even better escape hatches. Built with the same techniques used by the big guys, but in a way that doesn't require PhD to learn or a staff to maintain.

With Turborepo, we're doing just that.

We're building a build system that can keep up with your team. You'll see your CI get faster, duplicated work get cut, and your NPM scripts get simpler. You'll get a world-class development environment, without the maintenance burden.

Jared Palmer
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Jared Palmer

Founder of Turborepo